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This is the blog to check for reviews and previews of applications on Iphone and Ipod Touch!

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Review ''Cube Runner''

One of the first apps I downloaded for my Ipod Touch and it still is one of the best I have downloaded thus far. The Concept is very simple, you're a little plane-like thing trying to avoid the blocks that come in your way. The moment you download the game you can choose between three difficulties: easy, medium and hard (obviously). What gives this game almost endless playtime is the fact that you can download more levels, from big maze-like cubestructures to an extra-extra hard difficulty mode, it's all there. You can even make your own levels if you're terribly bored and haven't got the slightest clue what you could do to fill your evenings. You move the airplane by tilting your Iphone or Ipod left or right, like any other racegame. But where other games fail using this controlmethod, Cuberunner succeeds. The controlls work without a problem and your plane does exactly what you want it to do, whether this is a small movement to your right to only just fit in between those two cubes or a large turn. Never will you find yourself shouting at your Iphone for not reacting to what you wanted it to do. There are some things I wish they would have put into the game such as a top 10 hiscorelist instead of just the number 1 topscore and the graphics, while doing what it's supposed to do, could've been much better. Luckily they're already working on version 2 hopefully solving some of these small ''problems''. This game is just a must-download app and the best thing is... It's free! The gameplay is just awesome and always leaves you wanting to break that hiscore you got 5 minutes ago. On a sidenote I'd like to give you the site where you can find awesome maps to download: Just search the forums a bit and you'll find plenty of people praising their levels for you to download.

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